Saturday, March 29, 2008

Life is Just a Bowl of Cherry Blossoms

Like the nuts we are, Erin and I decided to brave the crowds and visit Japan's greatest gift to the U.S. other than the Wii and sushi, the beautiful Cherry trees around the Tidal Basin. Thanks, Japan!

We joined about a trillion other people in the same idea. The past few days were sort of like basic training for dealing with what I affectionately term the "tourons." Working a few blocks from the White House and next to the Mayflower Hotel does not do much for isolating you from the craziness. Did I mention there was also the Smithsonian Kite Festival, the opening of the Nationals new stadium, and the National Marathon was also this weekend? Anyway, we survived.

Erin and I ended our day with dinner at Cafe Mozart--in my opinion, a hidden DC gem. Nothing too fancy, but it is kind of like stepping off of gross NY Avenue and into Europe.  It was exactly what we needed at that moment.

Public Service Announcement...I'd like to take a moment to rail at people who feel their photo opp is more important than the tree. People, don't climb in the trees, sit in the trees, hit the trees, pick the blossoms (which opens the tree to infection...I heard this on WTOP), trample all over them. They're a treasure; respect them so others may enjoy them. Sheesh.

I'm hoping to hit the blossoms (figuratively not literally) with Leslie, my blossom-crazy friend! I'm also thinking of doing some pre-work walks.


Never seen so many people at the WWII Memorial! This doesn't even begin to get at the vast quantity of people.




"Blossoms, I love you!"



More crowds.



  1. Thanks--glad you like them! They truly are one of my favorite things in DC. They'd have to be to put up with the crowds!!!

  2. Beautiful photos! I heard that it was nuts down there.


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