Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Life as a Singleton


Okay, I got asked for the second time in a row by one of my ESL students if I was married. Picture, pointing to the ring finger and me looking at my bare one. For the second time in a row, I answered "uh, no."

Last time:

Student: "You no married?"

Me: (sheepishly) "Uh, no."

Student: "Why not?"

Me: Ummmmm, well....uhhhhhh....they say all DC guys are either gay or married. You know gay?

Student: Yes, ha ha, but you so beautiful. No boyfriend?

Sheesh, what are you, my mother?

This time made me feel a wee bit better.

Student: "You married?"

Me: "No single"

Student: "You single? Better that way. You single--you go where you want."

By the way, this one had 6 children.

Anyway, that's part of my life as a singleton...particularly at ESL.

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