Going Paperless: Scan it

I stayed home from work today--wasn't feeling well. Well, I won't get into the details, but I wasn't completely bedridden, so around 4 or so, I got a little bored (Unfortunately, Oprah had the Osmonds on...that didn't entice me). I turned to the pile of old newspaper clippings that I had slated to scan and then throw away. These newspaper clippings were from my "clips" files--they were articles I had written.

These once served a purpose. I used them to apply for writing/editing jobs. However, you don't have to be an archival expert to know that newsprint isn't the most stable of materials. Just look at some old newspapers you have sitting around. You can practically see the acid eating at it. Anyway, I realized I'd had these clips for (gulp) over 10 years! I couldn't bear to completely throw them away, but on the other hand, having a yellow pile of clips wasn't great either. So, I decided to scan them. Now that I own a scanner, this is the answer to a lot of my paper-related "should it stay or should it go now" questions.

Here's an incomplete pile of what I threw out (for effect...I spread it out!)


Fortunately, some of them I'd had photocopied. This made them easier to scan--the ones that weren't were either yellowed, curled, or too big for my scanner glass.

Next--I'm going to tackle those work-related articles!


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