Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Fun Gadget: Can Colander


I thought I'd share one of my favorite kitchen utensils. It has the makings of what Unclutterer calls a "unitasker," but it's not. I admit that when I bought it, I was thinking "Here I go buying another thing to collect dust," but it turned out to be very helpful. It both fits into a tuna can to press out all the liquid without risk of cutting yourself on the can edge and over a bean can to drain them. I am a big canned bean fan, so it's indispensible for that. It's also helpful for little colander tasks; I've used it for rinsing small quantities of berries, too. It's also affordable. Available at Ace Hardware online for $3.89 or at pretty much every home goods or hardware store. I have also seen it in stainless steel for slightly more money.

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