Saturday, March 8, 2008

Cure Me!

I am, simply put, an Apartment Therapy addict (AT for short). It's a blog about home design and all stuff home, for those of you who don't know. I'm not sure of when I first started reading it, but it's been at least four years. It's a daily habit now. Sometimes, I have to "cut back"--it's that addictive.

P3080029_3Anyway, a new "cure" is starting and I've signed up. The "cure" is  based on AT founder Maxwell's book which provides an 8-step process to "cure" your home. For me, following every step to the letter is a bit much, but many of his ideas are brilliant.


Buying flowers weekly. Almost like an "offering" for your home. It's true--when you buy flowers, the whole room lights up. It's an easy way to add color. Here are my flowers from last Saturday.


Pretty, but I won't be getting them often--around Wednesday, most of the little buds at the top started falling off. Yesterday, some of the blossoms started. I've had flowers last 2 weeks or more, so to get the biggest bang for my buck, I'll try to get longer lasting ones.


The "landing strip." This is an area you designate at your entrance with hooks for coats/bags, a place for keys, a place for mail--all the stuff you bring home and often dump at random places. Since my front door places you smack dab in the middle of my living area, I like to follow this idea but not right at my front door. I have a key holder in my kitchen, put my coats in my coat closet, and I open my mail and put it where it belongs (like on my file clips or by my shredder).


Having an "Outbox." TP3080025_3his concept gives your stuff a temporary spot to exist in while you decide what to do with it. As you're decluttering, you put things you're unsure about in the Outbox. (Mine is a blue Rubbermaid box inside my living room closet that I've labeled with its contents.) Eventually, this stuff will either come back to a place in your home or be given away/thrown out. It takes the pressure off of making an immediate decision--often a stumbling point for people as they declutter.


Cooking at home. This is something I need to do more often. It makes you appreciate your home more and appreciate food more too--when you spend weeknights quickly inhaling whatever you can throw together (Lean Cuisines anyone?), it's sometimes hard to realize what truly good food is--nourishing and heartwarming.

Want to join the cure? Visit Apartment Therapy and buy your very own book. And, visit by here over the next 8 weeks to see my various projects! If you're curing, leave a comment!


  1. Of course I'm in- I too am a bit of an AT addict! Can't wait until we AT:DC folks get to finally meet up...

  2. I can't wait until we meet up too! Eventually, we'll get it together!


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