Monday, March 17, 2008

100th Post! Nothing Special


I felt like with this being my 100th post, I should post something meaningful and spectacular. So, instead, I'm posting a pretty picture of my green apples! I recently got the hurricane at (of all places) Ross Dress for Less for $4.


  1. I love that look! As you probably know, I'm a big fan of big glass containers that are filled with stuff.

  2. So pretty! (And great photo. I saw the thing on ATNY Week 2 -- Arrgh...) How 'bout joining the bunch of us at the Chicago Cure? We have a couple of people from DC (and all over the place -- it's a real diverse group).

  3. Thanks, Kim--as I wrote to you, I thought "wwkd" or "what would Kim do" when I saw this on sale--I knew I needed a glass container, especially at a bargain price!
    Thanks, smallcitybeth! I might check out Chicago...though i'm also thinking of officially "dropping out" of the cure. I was doing well enough "curing" by myself without the whole AT thing. Though, I like all the people who are involved with it!


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