Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day Special: Sweaty Bedroom Antics

Well, Ted and I got all hot and bothered in my bedroom last Sunday...hee hee hee. Sorry, bad joke. Ted was kind enough to help me carry and lay down my new rug. It's changed my life.


Good thing he came, because it was a bear to both lift the bed and shimmy the rug under it. We both got our workout in for the day. I decided on this one after reading that Ikea wool rugs (and not just Ikea--someone said the Pottery Barn wool shag ones too) shed. This is nylon. No shedding. I added a carpet pad (the kind they use while laying carpet) and it's cushy to the max.

The unfortunate thing is that this does NOT block out my neighbor's "activities" below. I actually left him a note (second note--again, about the TV, which has gotten loud again, and introduced the concept that "the bedroom floor is thin...) So far, it's worked...can't last all that long, though. I feel like I should leave him a message every time I'll be out, like "hey, feelin' frisky would be a good time." :)

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