Look! My Binder Clips on Unclutterer


I was excited to see a post on Apartment Therapy about my guest post on Unclutterer. I get disproportionately excited about seeing new visitors coming to my site. So, if you're hopping over from one of these places, welcome! Leave comments--they make my day!


  1. yep! i am one of them. found your post via AT. love love love the binder ideas. i am going to try it. Thanks!

  2. I mosied on over here after seeing your idea on Lifehacker and just wanted to say WAY TO GO. That is a solid idea and I plan on implementing it myself so our bills and junk aren't scattered on the kitchen counter, computer desk, coffee table, etc. =)

  3. Just popped in from Lifehacker, but I like AT as well!

  4. Visiting from Unclutterer and love the idea! Congrats!


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