Thursday, February 14, 2008

Come Buy!

In acknowledgement that I love to buy--sometimes impulsively--home stuff, particularly "vintage" (i.e. OLD) home stuff, I have established a sellers account on Etsy. I tried Ebay, but it's way too complicated for me--deciding on starting bids, ending dates, continuous listing fees. This suits me better. One day, I might sell crafts there too, but right now, I have a few pieces I couldn't pass up that I can't keep! Take a look! Don't they scream "BUY ME?!" Here's what I've got so far:

Vintage bamboo fabric. You may remember this from past blogging:


A set of Amish Greeting kitschy!


A super Glam retro container:


Vintage Frosted Glasses


A "Blanc De Chine" style Walnut Candy Dish/Container. How cute!


Well, stop by when you can. I'll be adding more...Shop early, shop often!

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