Tuesday, January 29, 2008

That's It. I'm Becoming Amish.


Engraving of the Leader of the Luddites that I pulled off Wikipedia, which according to them was published in May 1812 by Mess, Walker and Knight.

There are times I'm quite the Luddite. Like now, after spending an hour and a half on the phone with my HP tech support guru Rupender in New Delhi to get my printer up and running. It involved a lot of questions from him like "Do you like music a lot?" and "Do you like cooking?" in the awkward silences of his working on my computer remotely or me fishing for the CD rom that came with my machine. I also taught him "Te amo," Spanish for "I love you," for him to share with his girlfriend. (Long story that started with the cooking question.) So, that's how our conversation ended--me reminding him of how to say it which to an innocent bystander would sound like I was telling my Indian tech support person that I love him. Not that I wasn't grateful--it's up and running again...

...Or, maybe it isn't. I just tried printing something out and it said it was out of paper again. I am a little bit on the paranoid, conspiracy theory side when it comes to technology. My warranty is up on Feb. 3. It's amazing to me how things go wrong riiiiiigggghhht after the warranty's up. That's what happened with my last laptop. Then, I followed the directions that the email support gave me, and THEN it said it was out of ink--not before. Before, it said paper. And, when I called, Ru, as I'm going to call him, gave me an offer I couldn't refuse--a set of ink & paper for $35. How conveeeeeeeeeenient.

All this makes me want to just stick my head in the sand and use a number 2 pencil. But then I couldn't blog, could I?


  1. Hmmmm...Amish huh? If you do, could you bake me some of those whoopie pies?

  2. Hmmmm...Amish huh? If you do, could you bake me some of those whoopie pies?


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