Saturday, January 26, 2008

Commuter Sentences: This Week in Transit

Metro_2It was an eventful week on WMATA. Lots of delays, but of course, that's not what's most interesting about commuting.

I have started a new game on the Metro to pass the time. I call it "Gay or Married." It's pretty simple. I look at a guy and try to decide whether he's gay or married, because as most single ladies in DC know, it's quite certain he's one or the other. The only hitch to this is that you don't ever REALLY know the right answer. Still, it's something to do other than read the advertisements.  I stick with white men between the ages of 25 and 40. White because black men are much harder to distinguish, and let's face it, as Ice T told us on SVU, many of them could be "on the down low." 25 to 40 because that's the age group I'm most interested in. I also skip any obvious tourists.

Tuesday evening on the D6, there was an altercation between the driver and a handicapped man. To be honest, I don't exactly know what the issue was. What I could gather was that he wanted people to give up their seats and maybe someone wouldn't? When I got there, the space for his chair was clear, but he was rattling on and on about something and pointing at the sign screaming "Federal Law," and the driver was saying "Sir, my number is" blah blah "Call Metro if you have a problem." At any rate, I was relieved--because of their argument, I was able to catch the bus from the metro at Union Station. Oh, and bonus: not only was I able to reach the bus in time, but it was free because the SmarTrip thingy was broken! Woo hoo. I'll try not to spend that 35 cents all in one place.

Thursday morning, I encountered the "huggy couple" on the metro. I've seen them more than once. They started off separately on either side of the door and then the woman goes in and leans against him--front to front--for the remainder of the trip. The first time I saw this, I thought perhaps someone had died and she was crying. No, just very comfortable with PDA.

I did a lot of walking this week--mainly because of getting up late or coming home late and not wanting to wait...patience: not a personal strength.

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