Sunday, December 2, 2007

New Neighbor, New Annoyances

Shhhhh244x171 I guess I got a new neighbor downstairs sometime in the last week or so. The nice couple who lived there moved back to Austin. I have not seen him but I've heard him. But, more than hearing him, I've heard his TV. All day. I am far from critiquing ample TV viewing, being one to watch the TV myself. But, it is LOUD. Right now, it's tolerable, but barely. Yesterday, it was several notches louder and really out of control. I wanted to have quiet in the apartment, but even in my bedroom, I could hear the TV. I could hear actual conversations from the TV show...that loud. So, I had to turn on my stereo. This just ends up turning into a loudness competition. Oh, and did I mention he also has a TV in the bedroom? So, there have been some nights I have been awoken by a laugh track. Even with ear plugs. I have had to drag out my sound relaxer again.

I'm reasonable with noise, I think. I chalk some of the noise up to apartment living. I heard my other neighbors' televisions--just not this loudly. I tolerate occasional heavy bass stereo playing. I think part of the problem here is not just its volume but its consistency--there's rarely a break unless he's sleeping--and maybe not even then because I feel like it's 24 hours.

I don't exactly know how to handle these situations. Do I knock, introduce myself and mention the TV? Do you even approach neighbors in the city when they move in? I WANT to do this, but then I think "what if they're crazy?" Or, "maybe they want to be anonymous and will think that it's ME who's crazy."  I've always seen people in the hall and introduced this day I have not met my neighbor across the hall who moved in when the first guy moved out. It's been almost 2 years. Do I ask the first floor neighbor if she's similarly bothered?  I don't want it to turn into a situation like it was with the smoky neighbor...that turned ugly.


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