Sunday, December 2, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like Advent!

I have always liked Advent, that "season" in the Church that occurs before Christmas. As a kid, of course, the Advent wreath counted down the weeks before Christmas, which were interminable. Now, I find that it helps me to slow down during an otherwise hectic time and mark each day/week and appreciate the positive aspects of the time before Christmas. My parents never had an Advent wreath, but I have one. It's kind of lame--I think I picked it up at Michaels or somehing--but it does the trick. This morning in church, I felt slightly like a kid feeling excited at the sight of the Advent wreath. And, I was super psyched that the opening hymn was "O Come O Come Emmanuel." It is my number one favorite because of its medievalness. It was from the 9th Century, so it reflects the tradition part of the Church that I like.

Here's my wreath...ignore the JD. :)


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