Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Commuter Sentences: Love Thy Neighbor

On the way to work this morning (okay, I'm blogging at work, but give me a break, it's lunchtime), I decided to walk to the metro, given that I skipped the gym. So, I walked past my homeless friend near Union Station who said "2 more days to the weekend--think positive!" I love him. I have the feeling many people do, because yesterday he had a pot of hot coffee there with him.

Well, on the metro, I went to sit down and had this guy rushing from the other end of the train to sit where I was sitting (2 seats available). I mean, he REALLY wanted that seat. As I watched him write a list on his daily planner pad, I was formulating ideas about what he was about. I was confidant that if he were a character in a made-for-TV feature-length film, he'd be either a.) a serial killer b.) the bumbling office eccentric who everyone makes fun of for being uptight and anal or c.) spy in the manner of Robert Hanssen (i.e. guy from Breach...the fedora helped in this regard).

He threw me for a loop when he pulled out Washington Hispanic. I didn't peg him as Hispanic. But then I thought maybe he just picked it up near the station for something to read, lest he have a moment with nothing to do.

Well, just shy of our stop, Farragut North, the train stops because--and I quote--"a wheelchair person is laid out on the edge of the track so trains are traveling at a reduced rate of speed." So, he says to me "What do you suppose that means?" Each announcement over the next 10 minutes clarified the situation a bit. It seems someone fell out of their wheelchair. No one really explained to us, however, why no one just helped them up and away from the edge. So, we had a bit of interaction over the whole ordeal--he felt it could be an attempted suicide. I felt it was Metro trying to get more creative with their excuses.

But, in the end, I don't think he's a serial killer or spy, though he may be a bit anal, who isn't. It just goes to show how jumping to conclusions about other people can cause irrational thoughts and behaviors--from road rage to simple snapping of a checkout person at a the end, we just need to be more sympathetic and have more interaction.

Okay, this kumbaya moment is officially OVER.

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