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I'm Sure This Will Be Gratifying At Some Point

I am not an extremely patient person. This is NOT an asset with DIY projects. Especially, you know, when you have that thing called "a job" that keeps getting in the way. I did another halfhearted attempt today at removing the rest of the stripper. It's not supposed to be on this long. Needless to say, my impatience to get started is costing me. I'm going to have to reapply some of the stripper...and will probably have to buy the special remover. Sigh. But, like any good but lazy DIYer, I bought more materials at Home Depot this weekend. On the right, there's the stain that will eventually get put on said piece of furniture. On the left are materials for ANOTHER project...painting my Ikea dressers. I did not select a shade; I let it select me. I got the quart of paint from the "oops" shelf. It's a grey satin called Creek Bend . Hopefully it will look good. I did have to pony up for the primer. If you can't do it right, don't do it! Yeah, rig

Refinishing Continued--but not Finished!

Okay, so here are some tips, probably if you want to use any stripper, but particularly if you use the one I did. 1.) Buy enough so you don't scrimp. I used nearly the whole container on my little night stand. And, I'm going to have to redo certain areas. 2.) Don't start Sunday afternoon. Unless you don't have a job. As it turns out (the package says it--I just didn't believe it) it takes between 4-24 hours for this stuff to work. You know this by the color. I started scraping before I was sure. Some of it came off, but I decided to let it sit overnight. I might even recommend making this a longer-term thing doing one surface at a time. This way, you can lay that surface parallel to the floor so that no product runs. They say it doesn't, but there were areas where the stripper moved away from the edge. 3.) Have a work area that is not your bedroom. The fumes went away and were not strong, so by the time I went to bed, I didn't smell much. However, I don'

Take it off, take it ALL off!

I have finally taken the plunge with my $12 Salvation Army nightstand. I was debating whether I wanted to paint or refinish with stain. I settled on staining, so I bought some stripper--the "eco-friendly" and supposedly fume-free kind. Well, when they say "odor-free," they don't really mean it. I think they mean in comparison with turpentine or more aggressive strippers. It's in my bedroom, so I'm thinking I might end up sleeping on the sofa tonight.  Here's the progress so far--I brushed it on, and it's doing its magic, which takes 4+ hours at which point you scrape. Bu-bye blonde!