Monday, November 19, 2007

Technical Difficulties

My previous post is about half of what I'd planned to write. I had a nifty photo of my new rug, but when I put my card into its little slot on my laptop, windows explorer shut down and I was too lazy to reboot. I assumed all was lost.

Clearly, my laptop isn't the only thing having technical difficulties lately. Like, how about Metro? I seriously don't think I'm exaggerating when I say that there has not been one day that I have been without a delay on the Red Line in the past month! I'm going to start to take the bus the whole way again (which is really saying something).

Unionstation_metrobus (Photo on

What I would have said was that I had a good weekend--relaxing, which was what I needed. I also managed to sort out my apartment which had been an awful mess for several weeks, due to my out of control work schedule and weekends away. I also realized how much more I have to do with refinishing furniture, projects, etc. I'm sure that stuff won't get done until after the holidays.

Saturday, Erin and I went to Dos Gringos in Mt. Pleasant. So fun...I had never been there and who knew such a cute, "local" place existed in yuppiefied DC? Okay, I'm being unfair, but after being in Philly the weekend before, I was feeling like our city is just a bit lame. To fast forward, we walked a bit and looked at furniture and ate crepes at L'Enfant Cafe. We then checked out Greater Goods, an environmentally friendly goods store that just opened 3 days ago on U St. I hope they do well. I saw them on Friday after the Chi Cha lounge and assumed I'd just never seen them. Right now, they have a fairly good selection of reusable, compact bags, Sigg bottles, light bulbs, cleaning products, and other things to make your home more efficient.

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