Monday, November 19, 2007


I finally watched my Netflix movies from 3 weeks ago this weekend. The first The Inheritance, by Danish director Per Fly was depressing and too much for me on a lazy Saturday (let's put it this way, it features an attempted rape by the main character and suicide and love lost...). The other was In July, a German flick. It was worth watching, but I had a hard time getting past the main actress's hair. She featured one of my biggest pet peeves: white people with dreads/cornrows/braids (and by this I don't mean little white girls with Pippi Longstocking hair...).

44757150_4I don't dislike those hairstyles in general, as in, when they're on the African-American hair for which the Good Lord intended them. I find it embarrassing when white people do it. Kind of like white people who say "Brother." These white people are typically privileged and trying too hard to be "anti-establishment." Give me a break! For African-Americans, it's a statement of pride and frankly, an easy way to wear your hair (which, living with frizzy curly hair myself, I can appreciate). For these freaks, it's saying "look, I'm so awesome and counter-culture. Power to the people! Aren't I cool?" And, after the protest against the World Bank, they all roll home in the BMWs Mom and Dad bought them and play Nintendo. Barf.

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