Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Commuter Sentences: Another Day, Another Commute

Another classic commute...this morning, on the bus, I said "excuse me" to a guy who was taking up 1 3/4 seat...all sprawled out. Well, you'd think I'd asked him to donate a kidney to me rather than to move his legs over and pick up the bag off of the seat.  Jerk.

On the metro home, I was behind a black guy who was humming. This is a variety of a musical commuting species which includes "black guy with loud headphones" and "black woman singing." Now, I'm not being racist here, just factual. It's simply that the only white people who ever have the nerve to sing in public are either a.) Britney Spears--and we can see that doesn't always work out well, er. b.) crazy. The closest any white person comes to entering this species is "White guy tapping his foot and grooving his head," which is just embarrassing. Both the "black guy with headphones" and "black guy humming" are generally being on the quiet side, more or less asserting to the rest of us that they indeed have rhythm. "Black woman singing" is rarer, but you can't help but notice because they don't hold back. It's like an audition for American Idol.

I missed the bus on the way home by a fraction of a second. I was literally standing on the median of Massachusetts Avenue waiting for traffic to let up or for the light to change. No luck. I should have followed the guy who cut in front of traffic, but I was too little a risk taker. The bus was mere feet in front of me as I crossed the street. What a let down. I decided to walk, but had horrible shoes on...c'est la vie. C'est la commute.

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