Monday, October 1, 2007

Carless Update

Just a little update. I've now been without a car a little over a week. I have definitely been feeling the absence. A few times I considered going shopping somewhere, but decided against it (this is probably a good thing). I got groceries for the first time on Sunday evening.  I strained my back a bit carrying them home...definitely would bring a backpack next time! On the upside, I have gotten a lot more walking in!  The weekend bus service stinks...I waited over 40 minutes for one on Saturday. That's a major deterrent when you don't feel like walking 20 min to the metro.

I won't be deciding for now whether this will be permanent. My dad took my car to a local guy in Western PA who works on specifically electrical issue. The problem Curtis Chevrolet on GA Avenue in DC assessed to be a $2035 repair was...$279 to fix! I can understand a little geographic discrepancy as well as a dealer versus independent difference, but that's RIDICULOUS! The same guy is going to fix the other minor issues with my car (air conditioning and a flickering odometer) for $700 or under. I'd like to also point out I spent $372 for Curtis to tell me that it would take $2035 to fix it. Oh, and the wiring specialist said that whoever worked on the car really screwed it up and actually did a different fix to the car than the dealer had prescribed. Personally, I don't trust the dealer. I feel as if they thought "hey, here's a girl, under the gun with the inspection" and thought they could dupe me. Either that, or they're incompetent. Either way, it's not good. But, I'm happy to be getting the car back...for now. It should be good for another 2 years at least when this is done, if not longer. Phew.


  1. Whoa, that's a price discrepancy!
    Congrats on getting the car back. While your neighborhood was a decent candidate for carlessness, if you don't have a good grocery within three blocks and reliable weekend bus service, it's tough. I know there are people who merrily bicycle 10 miles to their health-food coop, but that's not a great fit with everyone's lives (like, say, mine).

  2. Yeah, you could say that! I'm not up for complete carlessness. There was a point where I was living in a place that was across the street from the metro and a block from a grocery store--if I were in that situation, perhaps! I also found myself taking cabs more. At night, that's typically what I do anyway if I go out, but sometimes I do a "mode share" where I park my car near the metro and take the metro wherever I'm going. The 20 minute walk at night is too long for me, but if I can find a space near the metro, it's not so bad.


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