Monday, September 10, 2007

Safeway is Crazy Way

Safeway I honestly didn't think it would be possible for me to dislike my grocery shopping experience at Safeway more than I already did. I was mistaken. I went around 7 this evening to pick up a few things. I thought that because I had such low expectations, my experience would exceed them. Again, I was mistaken. I arrived at the Hechinger Plaza Safeway a little after 7 and just arrived home a few minutes ago. I was in line approximately 40 minutes.  And, when I called my parents while in line (might as well multitask right?) their comments were "Boy, where are you? It's LOUD." It seems everyone in NE DC decided to go grocery shopping tonight. Picture it: kids running around, standing up in carts screaming, parents screaming (and not necessarily at kids) was chaos. The line was about 6-10 deep (hard to tell from the back of it). And, of course, in all the chaos, I couldn't exactly think about what I wanted to get. I got what was on my list and a few other things, but it took me walking back and forth through the store a trillion times. Okay, here ends my vent fest. There just needs to be a better way. I guess I'll be going back to my alternative grocery methods. Procuring food shouldn't be soooo painful!

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