Friday, September 7, 2007

Hanging In There

0811839974_norm Last night, my commute was...interesting. I left the office late for no really good reason, and decided to go to Trader Joes. I decided this because I really needed groceries and knew if I went home first, I'd never leave. Getting there from my office necessitates either walking 20 minutes or taking the "Circulator" (for non-DC people, it's a bus). I decided on option 2, after having trained in the a.m. TJs wasn't as crazy as it could be. The line, though it was long, moved fairly fast. I took the Circulator back toward home to Union Station and then waited for my D6 bus. Realizing that I'd have to wait 20+ minutes for the next one, I decided to walk the 20 minutes with my 2 heavy bags (though fortunately, I had canvas ones, so I could carry them on my shoulders). I passed the homeless guy who stands near the Exxon by Union Station. I mentioned him here. As I passed, he said "Hang in there! You'll [unintelligible]" I couldn't help but smile. It truly cheered me. I've been tired and down this week, and just feeling less than 100% (okay, less than 75% if I'm being honest), and he raised my spirits. Sometimes, we get inspiration from the most unlikely of places.


  1. i remember having a similar poster in my room when i was in school.
    but the saying still rings true no matter how old we are.
    hang in there!

  2. I remember the good ol' Natural Highs poster....such that if you were feeling like crap "spicy curly fries" were supposed to lend some perspective. :) Roomie!


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