Friday, September 7, 2007

Favorite Vintage Finds

I thought I'd share some of my favorite vintage finds that I have in my home. You know those things that you find while browsing at a shop somewhere and debate in your head about....and finally succumb to and you're so glad you did? That's these. (There are also the things you regret buying, but I'll save those for another time). So, here goes...


1. I got this ottoman at Who Knew Retro Mod, a very cool retro furnishings store in Pittsburgh (incidentially, it's in the 16:62 Design Zone, which has quite a few other fun shops). The proprietors sold it to me for $30 because they had it for so long. I was buying the chair in number 6 at the same time.  I cleaned up the vinyl and brass buttons which were tarnished, and it looks great!

2. I bought this antique button when I was studying in England, from a shop called "The Button Lady" in Hampstead. I have it in a tiny frame, and it's very meaningful for me.

3. These cute little bird taper holders are vintage Pigeon Forge pottery that I bought on ebay.

4. This is rather a "former" favorite. I bought a little depression glass ring case when I was about 14 at a shop called The Apple Tree or something like that on Maple Street in my hometown of Greensburg, PA. I decided to put it on a shelf in my bathroom...and that is where the top met its demise. I have kept the shards to hopefully use in some craft project...

5. This lamp is part of a set of boudoir lamps I bought on an impulse when I was buying my coffee table at Miss Pixie's. They don't really fit into my boudoir, but I couldn't resist. Miss Pixie had them on a ebonized sideboard, and I fell in love. Someday, I'll find the perfect place.

6.  I really debated buying this chair. I was on a business trip in Pittsburgh and had to put it in the backseat of my car. I was staying with my parents during the trip, and they thought I was NUTS, but I loved it. I was looking at very similar chairs at Storehouse and Room and Board at the time that would have cost hundreds of dollars more...and would have taken up more of my apartment's precious space.

7. One of a set of small trays from England that I bought on Ebay.

8. I fell in love with this tiny gem when I recently went antiquing with Kim in Fredericksburg, VA. I couldn't get a good picture, but it's an antique measuring tape...and on the tape, one side says "Granola The Finest of All Digestives." I later saw this tape online for over $100...I don't know if it's worth that, but I only paid $19.

9. I bought this set of luncheon plates in Berkeley Springs, WV while on a "girls" weekend with my mom. If you'd described them to me, I never would have thought I'd like them, but I couldn't pass them up!

10. This is one of my purchases from Natalie Silitch's. A vintage French cafe plate. I use it as a candle coaster.

There you have it...what are some of your favorite finds?

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  1. There are so to choose? My bed is one of my favorite finds...and the dining room set because it was so cheap.


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