Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Commuter Sentences: Rainy Tuesday

Blurredumbrellas_2I took the Circulator today and discovered that it's the cheapest way to travel. Because it's only $1, and transfers to other buses are free, I can get home for a buck, including the transfer to the D6.  I find it funny that someone who regularly indulges in buying coffee out at like a 1000% markup is being stingy with 35 cents.

Anyway, at the Union Station bus stop waiting for the D6, there was an umbrella salesman. I wish I had a digital recorder so I could share this because I'm sure my writing will not adequately convey this.

"It's GO-ing to RAAIIIN. Buy an umbrellaaaa. Only five dollahs.."

That's totally not getting the inflection in his voice. There was something so funny about it. He was really industrious. Even though no one was walking past, and the only people near him were me and another woman who had been standing there for quite awhile (i.e. clear we weren't interested), he continued to chant and chant and chant. You gotta admire that.

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