Monday, September 24, 2007

Bargain Weekend!

I went home to Western PA this weekend. My Aunt Jean had a 70th birthday party for my Aunt Shirle who is battling cancer. It was a nice simple affair with some delicious crescent roll-wrapped breakfasty things and great cake.  After driving Shirle home, I implored my mom to stop at the Salvation Army thrift shop. Boy, was I glad I did. I ended up with some great finds:


I found the pottery pieces first. I've been envying cool pictures in design magazines of groups of white pottery. It's been trendy, like this from West Elm, but I love how fresh it looks. I spent a whopping $4 on all 3 pieces. One is a Royal Haeger.

I've also been eyeing some white pottery lamps on Ebay...good thing I held out for this gem--4.99! I have to get a shade for it, but it's still a bargain.

And, last but certainly not least, this solid mahogany nightstand for $12.99. I am thinking of either stripping the blonde finish and staining it a dark ebony or painting it black. I've never done the stripping and staining thing so I'm not sure about that.

I rounded out my purchases with a set of 4 juice glasses with oranges on them for my mom at $1.99 and this mod thin scarf for $0.99.


I'm planning on using it in my hair or on a bag.

Mom and I also went to Marshalls, where I nabbed a set of Ralph Lauren floral pillowcases for $5, and to the Dollar Tree where I got a "pierced porcelain" looking votive.


I wish they'd had more of them, because I would have bought a few.

Now for the not-so-bargain. I got this alarm clock on ebay. It's very vintage and cute, but c'mon. It was one of those "in the moment" lapse of judgement things...


I tested the alarm--it works, though I doubt it would get me out of bed. And the ticking would probably drive me bonkers, so as ugly as my digital is, I guess I'll keep on using it!

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  1. Wow, $4 for all of those??? That is amazing. And, they look great together. I just love all white collections like that.


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