Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Laundry Wonders Part Deux

Faulstainresist_4 While I'm on the topic of laundry products and what a slob I am, here's another product I recently tried. It's a spray starch for ironing, with a "stain resistance" substance built in. I bought it at Target this weekend from the same aisle as my Oxiclean Spray Away.

Let me explain. I hate ironing. I avoid doing it as much as I can. I used to iron once every few months or so, but recently, I have accepted that I must do it to look professional and put together. I eschewed my tiny tabletop ironing board in favor of a full-size one and set up camp with it and my iron in an over-the-door hanger so that I could avoid the inevitable avalanche of stuff from the closet with my laundry/cleaning supplies where I used to keep it (where its cord used to whip out and smack me in the face).

Before this weekend, I had more or less universally dismissed starch as old-fashioned and unnecessary in today's fast-paced digital society. However, I figured anything that could make ironing remotely more interesting for me for even a day was worth it. So, I am in day 2 of using this product and am pleased. Mainly, I love how it allows me to get the wrinkles out of my chinos more easily, but the stain resistance also seems to work. Yesterday, I dropped a piece of feta cheese with balsamic vinegar on my pants and there wasn't a mark. (This is not to be confused with my previously mentioned balsamic vinegar incident).

You can find out more about this, and other Faultless products, here.


  1. I hate ironing too. Have you ever tried Downy wrinkle releaser?

  2. Can't wait to try the stain remover...I already love shout wipes and can't believe that there is a better product.
    Angela, I love Downy wrinkle releaser. Sadly, it is often difficult to find.

  3. Arrggg...I went to Target & they didn't have the special spray starch! I will now be on a mission to track it down.

  4. Bummer! Well, if you're in the Rockville neighborhood, they definitely have it there.
    I didn't have luck with the wrinkle releaser in the past...I think I was hoping for miracles!


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