Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Got Stains?

Yhst54645302932347_1962_1028636After what shall forever be known as "the Great Balsamic Vinegar Incident of 2007," (or the time Christine splashed vinegar on her newly dry cleaned white jacket), I thought I'd share a find. I love love love Oxiclean Spray Away. How much? Let's put it this way, on my last business trip, I used some of my precious carry-on liquids space for it and when I went to Target last weekend, I bought 4 containers.

I've used Shout wipes and Tide to Go as well as Gonzo in the past. None of these worked as well in my opinion. Of course, the wipes, you can probably get away with packing outside of the "liquids" bag, so that might be a consideration.

I found them online at this site, which sells them for $4.99 each or $6.99 for a 2-pack. has them for $3.39. The Rockville Super Target had them for $3.99. A great investment to keep your clothes spotless.

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