Sunday, August 26, 2007

Favorite Things: Natalie Silitch

Shoppictures20001When I worked in Annapolis, one of my favorite things to do over lunch was to explore Natalie Silitch's delightful boutique on Maryland Ave. in Annapolis. Natalie makes folk art with delightful painted fabric mermaids (see photo), angels, snowmen, bunnies, you name it. But, what I loved about the shop was how it combined her art, other new things, natural items like shells and stones, and antiques. It was one of those places you go, and the arrangement of everything is so nice you'd like to eat it just so you could take it with you!

Shoppictures20018I don't own one of Natalie's pieces myself, though I did get my mom a rabbit for Easter. I have, however, bought many fun things at the shop. I got Liz a bunch of shells there. I also bought myself a cute paperweight with robin's eggs on it and a vintage 5 franc french cafe dish (and probably other things I'm forgetting). These are some of my favorite things! Both of these things, I "visited" for ages before buying. I finally bought the paperweight when it migrated to the sale section. The cafe dish I only bought after they Shoppictures20026_3 were offered singly (there had been a set of 3...too many dishes for me!) I'll share pictures of these lovelies later! (Not near them at the mo').

Definitely, if you're in Annapolis, check her store out on Maryland Avenue. There are several other cute shops nearby, including a fancy pet shop, a tea shop, other home decorating/antiques shops, City Dock coffee, and some art galleries. 

If you can't make it to Annapolis, Natalie's art is sold direct from her web site.

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  1. Oh! How have I missed this place??? I need to visit there someday!


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