Monday, August 27, 2007

Ding Dong! Produce at Your Door

Image002I recently signed up for Washington's Green Grocer, a produce delivery service. For $35 a week for organic or $29 per week for conventional, you can have a small box of delicious mostly local produce delivered to your doorstep. While similar to a co-op in that you get regular deliveries of produce, in this case, you don't buy shares, and you can cancel any shipment or go bi-weekly. It's very flexible. The list changes weekly, and you can substitute things you like for things you don't like or add additional items to your list (even butter and other dairy products if you so desire). I got two boxes of produce so far (I went for the organic) and found the produce to be fresh, tasty, and not damaged (a concern--they were as nice as if I'd picked them out myself). I'll probably go to getting the deliveries bi-weekly, as I am having a hard time eating that much fruit (the veg is no problem, but I'm having a hard time with the fruit). Try them, you'll like them! They deliver to many places in DC, Maryland, and Virginia...ask if they deliver to you!

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