Sunday, August 5, 2007

Birthday Surprise!

I received a nice surprise in the mail last week...a package! And the great thing about urban living is that my suspense was heightened because I had to go to the post office to pick it up. On the way there, I asked my mom if she sent me something (she often sends little things), and she said no. I could hardly wait as I stood at the counter waiting for the postal worker to look for the package. When it finally got to the counter, I saw that it was from my cousin Leigh! It was a nice bright yellow box with a cute sticker of the Capitol building on it (which Leigh told me she had to implore the people at the post office to NOT cover up with their own "priorty mail" stickers).

I didn't want to open it at the bus stop or on the bus. Good thing, because the bus was really crowded, and I had to stand. That day, I packed my gym clothes in my car so that I could drive straight to the gym. I did open the package once I got to the gym parking lot, and this is what I found!


It was a box of tea-liciousness. A belated (but still very much welcome) birthday gift! A cool glass cup and saucer, a tea measuring spoon, the Book of Tea, and 2 teas. Leigh also included stickers that reminded her of our sticker books as kids...I love stickers even now!!!! I also got a packet of marigold seeds...don't know if my landlord would appreciate me planting those. Maybe I'll put them in a pot. Also note the cute nautical ribbon!

The tea she bought me is from a company I'd never heard of called Tea Gschwendner. They're the "Book of Tea" people which is essentially their catalog of tea with information about all the kinds of tea. The teas I got are spicy--Rooibush Ginger and Green Tea Spicy Orange. I had a pot of the Rooibush Ginger, which was de-li-cious. I haven't tried the other one, but I am sure I will love it, because I always love orange spice tea.

Thanks, was really a treat!

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