Monday, August 6, 2007


P8060014_4 I hate Mondays. Most people don't like them, right? I walked in my office, clutching the makings of salad for the week, high heels to replace the flip flops I was wearing, and a decaf (yeah, I's orders) coffee from Starbucks. And, among the papers on my desk, what did I find, but a rare treat: a British homes magazine!

I knew who it was from...a superior of mine who had bought it several weeks ago. I expressed how much I like British home magazines, and he said "Well then I'll pass it on you to when I'm finished." And he did!

P8060017_2 I first discovered this great love of my life when I was, wherelse, England! My friend Genevieve and I used to swoon over Country Living. I don't know exactly what it is, but they are quite different from American homes magazines. Every room and photo makes me want to sit down in the room.

A relatively recent favorite is Living, Etc. I think it matches my design sensibilities perfectly--modern, but with a comfortable edge. While I admire all those austere minimalist rooms, I could never live there. There would be no incorporation of many of my favorite tidbits I've picked up over the years.

My only frustration is that I can't go to the many shops they feature or find the products listed. I guess it just makes any potential future visits to the U.K. that much more special.

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  1. Oh, you KNOW that I'm a HUGE fan of British magazines. Country Living is my favorite (much more about actual country living than the US version), though I also like other interiors magazines. And, I'll admit it--I'm a fan of Tatler. Its junk, but its posh junk.


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