Sunday, July 29, 2007

Way Down South in Dixie

This week, I traveled for work to Raleigh, North Carolina on Wednesday through Thursday morning. I have never really been to the state before. It was a nice place, and I couldn't believe how fast it was growing. We were doing work south of the city, and the residential growth there is astounding.

P7250049_2 I drove in to Raleigh in the evening, because I couldn't leave before seeing the Downtown. I saw the State House and the Confederate monument in front of it. That fascinated me, because while I've probably seen Confederate monuments before, I never knew them as such.

The photos of the State House weren't great (I was taking the photos from the inside of my car and the trees were obscuring the building), but the shot of the monument came out pretty good.

I realized that North Carolinians must really like biscuits.



I didn't have any biscuits when I was there, but I did eat some barbeque at a local chain Smithfields. I also saw the owner's huge barn and mansion that's being constructed, thanks to a developer I was interviewing. He drove me around, which was really Southern hospitality!


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