Saturday, July 21, 2007

Sexy Glasses!

Picardiesuite_3I'll start by saying that drinking glasses are really the last thing I need. Honestly, I have a hard time fitting the ones I own in my cupboard. The ones I have now are the same ones Cracker Barrel has--Libbey Duratuff. I got them as a housewarming present from my Aunt Ruth way back in 1998 (my choice), and they are STURDY. Meaning, I can never have a good excuse to buy new glasses. But, I broke down today at the Glasses_4 Mecca of cheap and wonderful home goods...the Crate and Barrel Outlet. 

I bought these lovely espresso and juice "Picardie" glasses that evoke a French cafe.

They have a nice reverse hourglass shape. Very ooh la la. And, for only 95 cents a piece, I can make a nice guilt-free and relatively inexpensive trip to Paris.


  1. You know that I LOVE C&B, especially the outlet. And, 95 cents? Well, you had to buy them!

  2. I know...I completely miss living near the C&B outlet! I used to work catty-corner from it, which in all honesty was a disaster! I'd buy waayyyyy too much stuff!

  3. a cafe glass to Paris. Not bad. I'll pull out a beer bottle and take a trip to Ireland; or better yet, get some frozen yogurt in a cone and escape immediately to Spanish Table. :)
    So what happens to the old glasses--donations?


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