Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Open Pandora's Box!

I wanted to share a sanity-saving device I enjoy--Pandora online radio. This has saved me from listening to coworkers' chatter and other annoying noise at work. You can make your own radio stations based upon artists and songs you like. I have personally discovered many new artists and songs, some mainstream and some obscure, that I never thought I'd enjoy. You can bookmark these songs/artists, and then access them later to purchase or refer to. (Pandora kindly includes links to and ITunes). Here is what it looks like...


As you can see, I have the version with advertising, which is free. However, they also offer a very reasonable ad-free version for $36 per year, which enables the user to listen to it "on the go" if they have compatible devices. That's all too technical for me, so I stick with the free one. (And, besides, how else would I find out about important things like the "Baconator" at Wendy's?) :)

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  1. Does this involve streaming? We can't stream anything at work...I'd love to block out my co-workers....!


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