Thursday, July 19, 2007

On Grocery Shopping

306218344_246d4ea5d0_mI just returned from a trip to Yes! Organic Market. I needed a few things--peanut butter, bread, maybe some cheese--and the thought of going to Safeway made me irritable.

I like supermarkets, but not supermarkets in DC. The fact that the Safeway I go to has been referred to as the "un-Safeway" on occasion doesn't help. It's fine, I guess, but what really gets me about it is how LONG it takes. I mean, let's say I need milk. Rarely can I get in and out in less than 30-45 minutes. Usually,it's longer. The thing is, the experience is so horrible, you want to try to get other things while you're there. I spend oodles of time just wandering hoping I'm not forgetting something.

I tried ordering online from Safeway. The first time I did it, it worked out OK. The produce wasn't smooshed, it arrived just a few minutes after my 2-hour time frame, and in general, I was pleased. I tried my luck by ordering again. This time, I was not so lucky. I had a 7-9 window for delivery. I waited until 9:45...then 10:30. Finally, at 11, I went to bed. At some point after this, the guy shows up and rings my buzzer. I didn't answer. I mean, the LAST thing I want to do after drifting off is meet a stranger at my door and unload groceries.

So, I opted to go to Yes! Organic Market tonight. It's a 20-minute walk from my house, but I drove. I spent under 20 minutes there. It's so nice sometimes to go to a smaller store for that very reason. Actually, I was surprised by the offerings there. It's definitely more expensive in many instances--even than Whole Foods--but the convenience is great. It's like 7-11 but with healthy food.

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