Friday, July 13, 2007

On Coffee in a Bowl

I saw these bowls at Anthropologie and reaaaallllly wanted to buy them. There is something about drinking coffee from a bowl...something that says simultaneously "I need serious coffee and I have the time to drink this whole bowl...without a handle!"


I didn't buy them because I have issues with some politics of the company beyond the scope of this blog, but I have to say, they're some lookers.

My best memory of drinking coffee from a bowl was (where else) in France, on the Riviera at a hostel (see, you were thinking "Wow, Riviera" until I said "hostel, weren't you!?!). There were 3 guys there having and making our breakfast. I'm assuming at least one of them owned the hostel. The only other guests consisted of a couple--an older "elderhostel age" German man and his Vietnamese wife (approximately half his age). We all sat on a patio overlooking the Mediterranean, eating our baguette, and drinking our cafe au lait...from bowls.

There is a cafe near the Library of Congress on Capitol Hill--Le Bon Cafe--which serves coffee in a bowl. I love going there. I can sorta kinda pretend I'm in Paris for a few minutes.



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