Monday, July 16, 2007

I Love Woody Allen Movies

I saw Annie Hall on Screen on the Green tonight. I hadn't seen it since one New Year's Eve back sometime in High School. I didn't appreciate it then. And, when I saw other Woody Allen movies and loved them, I didn't understand why I didn't like one of his most acclaimed. Well, I DO love it. I think I must have just been too young to appreciate the humor or something. I guess age has its advantages!


I mean a movie HAS to be good to keep you on your butt, propped up on your arms, outside with the bugs for several hours.

It was just what I needed after this particular Monday. Nothing specific. I guess just a case of the "Moooooondays."

I think the Chocolate Salty Oat cookie from Teaism helped too.


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  1. Oh, I just love Woody Allen films from the 70s & 80s! They are just their own perfect thing. And, his version of New York is so perfect--everytime I'm in NYC, I look for that city & am dissapointed that I can't find it....
    One of my favorites, though its not one of his Annie Hall-relationship-angst-ridden films, is Radio Days. Nostalgic & just hysterical. I dare you to see it & not have either "Mairzy Doats" or "Get Regular With Relax" in your head all day :)


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