Monday, July 30, 2007

Fellini and Limone

Leslie surprised me this Sunday with an invite to her house for dinner and viewing of Il Vitelloni.

Leslie made a nice dinner as usual--ravioli, meatballs, and blueberry cobbler. That gal can sure make some cobbler. You may remember her cherry-berry cobbler from my July 4th Festivities.

P7290005_2 Although Leslie said not to bring anything, I was in a baking kind of mood. I picked up one of my favorite cookbooks, Betty Crocker's Cookie Book. It was given to me by my Aunt Shirle..she got it free from somewhere, and I nabbed it, even though I felt I'd have no use for it. It's great because it has both classic and kind of retro cookie recipes.

I ended up choosing Lemon Bars. While I have eaten these many times, I have never baked them myself. The results tasted good...although the edges stuck to the pan and were unevenly spread along the bottom. But, the inside was still edible and that's exactly what happened when I took them to Leslie's--we ate them!



The movie, Il Vitelloni (translation, literal "Fatted Calves," figurative "the guys") was slow-moving, but amusing. The "guys" in the movie are essentially 30-year old Italian guys who live with their mamas and don't work. I'm sure this hits a bit close to home for some people. One of the guys is a philanderer. Again...well, I won't say it, but...the three Italian-American women watching it found it pretty amusing.


  1. I love that cookie book! And, I love lemon bars--mmm! So nice in the summer.

  2. I would probably add more lemon juice, or maybe some lemon extract next time. They weren't quite tangy enough. More sweet than tangy.

  3. I luv that you included a picture of the recipe. I'm inspired to maybe try to make the lemon bars...yum!


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